The Mob

Hardcore / Hip Hop / NY / USA
Mulberry Mountain Lodging and Events , Ozark, AR, US
w/Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain 2021
SongKick Info
Sometime during 1980 searching for a harder/faster outlet than the current NYC punk rock trend, three teenagers from Jackson Heights, Queens: Jack Flanagan, Jose Gonzalez and Ralph Gebbia formulated The Mob. Once the concept was established they added high-school bud Jamie Shanahan on drums, to round out the 4 piece assault. The early Mob sound was heavily influenced by what was going on in L.A. and D.C. With NY not having a true representative taking up this new sound and culture the Mob chose to carry the flag. The Mob were not alone in this endeavor and these ideas, as others were feeling the same excitement and picked up guitars, mics and sticks in pursuing these same ideas: which turned into the first wave of the NYHC scene. After relentless rehearsing and gigging at CBGBs, A7 and other hole-in-the-walls that would unknowing agree to partake, The Mob sound and style was established, creating what is still known to this day as Mob Style. Late in 1980 The Mob hit the studio for the first time recording their first batch of songs featuring "Hit & Run", "Chant Out Babylon", "Prisoner in Switzerland", "Pin Stripe Suit", as well as a raucous/punk rock cover of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" creating what might very well be the first ever "New York Hardcore" demo. In 1981, a second demo was produced featuring the songs "Rock Your World", "F.A.S.T." and "Zoo Crew." That same year The Mob continued to gig with fellow bands Reagan Youth, Kraut, Heart Attack, Eliminators, Beastie Boys and the False Prophets along with out-of-towners, the Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, Scream and SS Decontrol. In 1982 The Mob recorded the "7 Deadly Venoms" EP at 171A with Jay Dublee in NYC for the Bad Brains/171A project, then also recorded 9 songs which became the "Upset the System" 7" EP released through their own "Mob Style Records" label. The "171A" project, including "7 Deadly Venoms" was never released due to Bad Brains "behind the scenes" issues but at barely 10 minutes in length "Upset the System" became a seminal work during this period of the NYHC scene, and included Mob classics "Crucial Point," "Fight for Right," "Dr. Butcher" and "101." The Mob embarked on their first ever US tour covering the southeast with 6 shows in six days. To follow that up and keeping to the DIY theme "Mob Style Records" released music from NYC's Urban Waste, and distributed Agnostic Front's first ep, "United Blood". Their second effort the 3 song "Step Forward" EP, featuring the songs "Step Forward," "Revolution," and "Unity Lives On." During this year The Mob had the pleasure of playing the first CBGBs Hardcore Matinee and end the year playing one of the most memorable Hardcore matinees with Minor Threat and Urban Waste. By this time, the reputation of the New York hardcore scene has fully burgeoned, not unlike DC, Boston and Southern CA. With "Dee Dee" and "Joey" as newly found fans, The Mob's '84 was highlighted by 3 highly visible shows with the Ramones and continuous touring. In 1986 The Mob released their most challenging music to date, with the impressive "We Come to Crush" LP. They performed only a select number of NY area shows, most notably CBGB's in February, which marked Chris Hackett's first gig (on bass) with the band. In 1987 The Mob performed live on the radio at WFMU in New Jersey for what became "The Truth Over the Airwaves" release. The band did not break up, but slowed down, playing only a handful of shows in the tri-state area when the urge hit. In 1996, "Another Planet" released The Mob compilation CD called "No Rules in this Game". Band members began discussing the possibility of new music and projects, and record "Tommy Gunn" for the Clash tribute CD "Clash City Rockers," and began recording a handful of other ferocious tracks for the "Fearless Force" EP which was never released. In 1998 the band reunited for the first time in over 5 years, and played a memorable show at New York City's Coney Island High- not playing again until 2002 when they played what was their last show until just recently playing the 2012 BnB Bowl at NYC's Webster Hall. Along with performing at the BnB Bowl this year, The Mob has recorded their newest offering "Back to Queens" which will be released as 7" vinyl including the track "That's It" with a bonus offering of "Zoo Crew" on iTunes. The Mob is very excited about continuing to record new music and playing out. Look for a Mob Complete compilation of music and film later this year. Mosh It Mob Style!